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What is a personalised child book?

It is a book where we embed the childs name, age, town and the names of three friends into the story. The book also contains a personal message from the giver of the book

How many pages are in the book?

The book has 24 pages.

Is it hard or soft sleeve on the book?

The book has a hard sleeve.

Do I have to enter both first name and last name?

The hero’s full name is only used on the first page of the book. After that, only the first name is used in the book.

For the hero’s friends, we recommend that you only use their first names.

Are there any characters in the book who are included and shouldn’t be used as friends?

Yes, in some cases you will find characters such as mom and dad in the book. In these cases this is clearly stated in the description of the book and some other character should be chosen.

Do I have to enter the age of the child?

Yes, or the text will come out wrong.

Do I have to enter 3 friends?

Yes, it is important that all fields are filled in. If you have trouble coming up with names, a tip is to use siblings, family, pets or unrelated characters from other stories.

How do I write a dedication?

The dedication is always found on the first page of the book. You can write what ever you like. The only limit is that it has to be shorter than 100 characters. Some good examples could be:

  • This book is a gift from mom and dad for your birthday!
  • Happy Holidays John from Anne and Christen!
  • For our most wonderful grandchild from your grandparents!
  • This book is a memory from your baptism May 4th 2013!

The child has just been born. Do I still have to fill out its age?

Either fill out the age in months, and it can become a memory from that time, or you can set the age to between 3-4 years old as most children can identify their own age at that time.

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Is it difficult to print or bind a personalised book?

Everyone can print or bind personalised books. With the help of our instruction manual and support, you will become a first class printer.

What kind of computer do I need?

Since our software runs on our servers it will work on all platforms available at the time of writing. All you need is an internet connection.

What kind of printer do I need?

A black and white laser printer with manual feed and ability to print on 160 gram paper.

Will there be any annual fees for the licensees?

No! You only pay for the books you buy.

When the Story Factory launches a new book title, will it cost anything to start using it??

No, all new titles and translations are made available free of charge.

Is support free?

We are always available to help. Support is free of charge!

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